Our Classes

Class Overview

We offer the following Classes:

Mickey Class

From the age of 2, children can start their first experience of school life in Mickey class. Children focus on developing sound, communication and language skills, as well as improving social skills and their ability to express emotions correctly. The children engage in many creative activities to help develop their fine and gross motor skills. They are also encouraged to participate in role play and imaginative games to further develop their speech and vocabulary.

  • Age Group:
    2 Years Old

Donald Class

Donald children are between ages of 2+ and 3+ years. As well as building on the strong foundations and progress made during Mickey class, they work on improving their literacy, letter and number recognition and numeracy skills. Independence is encouraged as their confidence grows and there is a focus on their creative, physical and social development.

  • Age Group:
    2+ and 3+ Years Old

Goofy Class

Goofy children are between the ages of 3 - 4+ years. They are encouraged to be independent and happy learners equipped with the necessary skills required to form a solid foundation in preparation for primary school. The love for reading is fostered through singing, rhymes and an unlimited access to books. Creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills are encouraged using a wide variety of schemas that help set them up for life beyond nursery.

  • Age Group:
    3 - 4+ Years old