Head Teacher’s Welcome.

Welcome To Our School.

We have been helping children develop a life-long love for learning over the past seventy-four years. We pride ourselves in providing children between the ages of 2 – 5 years old, a nurturing environment where their emotional, social, physical and creative needs are met.
Our purpose-built, well equipped nursery provides children the perfect space to explore both indoor and outdoors, making their learning experience more enjoyable.
Our extraordinary team understand that the early years of a child’s education are crucial to building the strong foundation required for future learning and development.
I urge parents seeking a happy learning environment, where their children are able to build lasting friendships to step foot into our school, and I look forward to welcoming you.

Heena Kupolokun
  • Child Centered

    Our focus is on developing the whole child, enabling academic learning and personal growth.

  • Guided Learning

    Our Programs combine activities that are both child-initiated and adult-led.

  • Fun Learning

    We provide a learning program that helps the children to express themselves in a fun environment

  • Welcoming Home

    We give our children opportunities to experience a rich environment which makes them feel at home and to develop their confidence.


Our Programs combine activities that are both child-initiated and adult-led and take place indoors and outdoors, to offer a range of experiences from which children can learn first-hand.
The curriculum aims to meet each child’s need in the following:
    • Mickey Class - As Mickey class is often a child’s first experience of school life, the teachers are skilled at helping them settle into the new routine.
    • Donald Class - In Donald class, we build on the strong foundations and progress made during Mickey class.
    • Goofy Class - The children are encouraged to be independent and happy learners equipped with the necessary skills required to form a solid foundation in preparation for primary school.
    • We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the British pre-school curriculum.
    • As well as receiving the essential foundations for writing, reading and mathematics required for the transition to primary school
    • This is done to help our children to enhance the learning environment and extend the development opportunities for each child;
    • INS features extracurricular activities in academia, the arts and sports.

Meet Our Team

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Our teachers are exceptional, very well qualified, experienced and long-serving.

Our team work together to create exciting learning opportunities, and are committed to pastoral care.The positive and personal approach used by each teacher helps our students develop a love of learning, and inspires them to excel.

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